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Robin Hood Foundation Fights Poverty through Building Communities

Castellan Real Estate Partners

New York-based Castellan Real Estate Partners has established itself as a real estate acquisition, development, and management company focused on the wellbeing of tenants and their surrounding communities. Castellan Real Estate Partners is also a force for social good through its contributions to nonprofit service groups like the Robin Hood Foundation, which leads in the fight against poverty and its effects in New York City.

One hundred percent of Robin Hood’s supporters’ donations go directly into the hands of groups helping to lift up people in need. This level of support is made possible because the organization’s board members have made themselves responsible for funding all operating costs and overhead. And because Robin Hood’s leadership vets all its potential grants through a rigorous metric, it achieves the enviable return on investment of $12 in quality of life and income gains for each dollar it invests in community-building efforts.

Robin Hood partners with hundreds of anti-poverty organizations in the city and funds their capacity to scale up with their already-successful programs. One of these groups,, supplies home visits by medical personnel for underserved children coping with asthma. Another, Accion East, offers micro-loans to minority and immigrant small business owners, along with the financial and technical advice to keep businesses running smoothly.
In 2017, Robin Hood awarded the first grants out of its new Learning + Technology Fund to place computers in public schools and support innovative literacy programs.

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