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What Disinguishes Castellan Real Estate Partners?

With an experienced team of highly motivated and skilled real estate investment experts, Castellan Real Estate Partners has completed $750 million in debt and equity transactions since it launched in 2009. The fully integrated firm maintains lines specializing in development, lending, investment, and property management. Castellan Real Estate Partners also distinguishes itself from other property investment firms by focusing heavily on sustainability in its portfolio.

Over the years, the firm has made a number of notable achievements in the field of green property development. For example, Castellan was the first property owner to participate in a project in Harlem involving the installation of solar panels on building roofs. One of the firm’s managing partners lobbied for increased funding for the program before state and federal legislators to help further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The firm also partnered with the Harlem Community Development Corporation, the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, and the Community Environmental Center in Brooklyn to improve weatherization of the buildings in its portfolio. More than $1.7 million in grants from the New York State Weatherization Assistance Program have fueled many of the firm’s initiatives, such as converting oil-burning boilers to duel fuel burners, which are more efficient.

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